sagi thilipkumar

I am Sahithyan “Sagi” Thilipkumar and a law student at the University of Zurich. My passion for photography started in my youth and still continues. As a child of Tamil refugees, it is important to me to capture and document the faces and the stories of the Tamil society. 

That’s why on the one hand my photographic work focuses on Tamils in Switzerland, who are torn between two different cultures. On the other hand my work includes the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, who, without an own state, still have to deal with discrimination and oppression even ten years after the armed conflict.


my work

Photography is an art, where you will learn something new every day.
I work both digitally and analog. I find aesthetic inspiration in the big personalities of photojournalism and cinematography. For that reason I set great value on naturalness, simplicity and authenticity.

I love capturing valuable moments and personal stories. No matter if portrait, pre-wedding shoot, a concert, small party or a business event. I am always open for a personal talk and creative ideas, which I can realize with my camera.